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CONCENTRATE- Always dilute: .5 oz. tonic + 8oz. H2O = Hair treatment, skin toner & drink mixer.

Ingredients: Solebury Orchards Malus pumila mill (ACV) & Cold Infused Agustifolia (English lavender) buds or Matricaria chamomilla (German chamomile)

Mix before use. ALWAYS Dilute.

Carefully massage into scalp through to the roots and ends, (a wide tooth comb is helpful here) distribute until hair is slippery. *Can treat with "herbal oil" prior for a deep conditioner to evenly distribute natural oils. Tonic promotes the cuticle of the hair shaft is sealed down for a sustainable shine.

Leave in up to 5 minutes.

Food Grade: RETURN bottles for $1 back

Made in USA. Keep out of EYES

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