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Tonic Treatment

When you want to wash your hair or face BUT you know it will just dry it out more.  Real Plant Stuff Tonic is an acid treatment that closes the cuticle of the HAIR and SKIN.

1 Treatment a month


Apple-ly smelling calming goodness!

1 tablespoon a day can

  • helps acid reflux

  • decrease your blood pressure

  • can reduce inflammation

  • sleep better

  • help you relax

  • decrease your cancer risk

  • lose weight

  • purify complexion 

  • less anxiety

  • diabetes risk will drop

  • joint pain

  • fewer digestive problems

  • heart health will improve

  •  boost your immune system

  • menstrual cramps

not for children


When you GO NATURAL your life changes. you are invited to a life with better health!  Just because it is natural does not mean it is not strong!  

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